7. Robots in art – non-human performers, new-cybernetics, (and) politics

Keywords: Posthumanism, performativity, affect, agency, closed circuit, interactive art, bioart, systems

This sub-theme looks at robots in art in general, with three main areas of interest:

  • Robotic and non-human performers through the lens of performance and performativity (Mackenzie; Barad; Fischer-Lichte) with special focus on features of robot and non-human theatrical performances including embodiment, materiality, programming, and dramaturgy.
  • Neo-Cybernetics. Embedded into contemporary questions of non-human agency, object orientation and new materialisms seems to be a revival of cybernetic thought. This may be explicit, as in Pickering’s work on “New Ontologies,” or in the cognitive science debate of enactivism. Often this is implicit, as the circular entanglement of people, objects and actions (or: subjects and objects) is discussed within a variety of frameworks. We are looking for proposals that re-consider the central cybernetic tenet of feedback and circular causality as a model to understand non-human agency and new materialisms in the light of the technological shifts taking place since the early 20th century, suggesting a non-binary alternative to outdated dualisms, such as man/machine or technology/society.
  • Parliament of Robots. We look for proposals addressing speculative scenarios in robotics and politics from various theoretical and practice perspectives.

The topics in all areas can be discussed by theoreticians and practitioners from the sciences and humanities, as well as artists working with feedback and circularity (closed circuit, interactive art, bioart, systems).

Sub-theme hosted by Ken Rinaldo, Lasse Scherffig, (and) Morten Søndergaard

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