Politics of machines or the anthropogenesis as a confrontation with a certain kind of nature.

Keynote by Marìa Antonia Gonzàlez Valerio (1977), Head of the research group Arte+Ciencia (Art+Science) and Leader of the research project Complexity and natural philosophy at the intersection of art and science.

What has been the role that the “machine” metaphor has played in the presentation of the idea of the anthropogenic process as something constructed and mediated? Why is this metaphor, employed by some of the recent ontologies, been thought as the device that is able to show the ways in which humanity is the result of historical positions and agencies? In which way can the animal be considered as a path of this machine? How has the animal been constructed as an artifact of the discourse about the anthropogenic machine? What kind of animal is at stake here?

In order to walk through these questions, I will analyze the idea of animal presented in some philosophical arguments as a kind of nature that allows another way of subjectivation. I will enquire the mode in which nature, life and animal are being held in contemporary discourses as ontological categories that shape the idea of the real in a different way as what has been done through the ontology of language.